The opening ceremony of the EUC Miskolc 2023 will take place on Thursday, 13 July at 18:00 in the DVTK Arena. All participating teams are invited to attend the opening ceremony. To participate in the procession, teams will assemble on the entrance of DVTK Arena (side of the stadium) from 17:00. There, OC staff and volunteers will be waiting for them with exciting activities and information. A Fun Zone will be set up in front of the DVTK Arena to entertain participants until the official opening. Participants are arranged in columns in the order of their arrival, coordinated by volunteers. The march will be led by EUC Miskolc 2023 flag bearer volunteers. At least one team member from each participating university must be represented at the march. Once the teams have entered, they will take their designated seats in the auditorium, guided by our volunteers, from where they can watch the opening ceremony from a seated position.


The dress code for the teams participating in the entry ceremony will be the university uniform (team jersey or t-shirt). During the official ceremony, there will be speeches and a dance show. Water will be provided on site for all participants. Please bring your accreditation card with you when entering the DVTK Arena.


Only allowed to enter the building and attend the opening ceremonies just wearing the accreditation cards! EUC Miskolc 2023 partners, competition staff, EUSA Office and VIP guests will be seated in the auditorium during the opening ceremony. Dedicated buses will depart from the Uni-Hotel at 16:30 and return at 19:15. More information will be available at the General Technical Meeting.