Will be there any info point in every sport venue?

Yes, they are located at the entrances of the sport venues.


When will take place, and what will happen during the GTM?

The General Technical Meeting, or GTM, will take place on the afternoon of 13 July 2023.


First the welcome speeches, then the organisers will delineate the schedule of the competition. The Technical Delegate will be introduced, and there will be more information of the competition. This will be followed by the draw, and after that, the representatives of the teams can ask any questions they may have.


When will the list of players shown?

During the General Technical Meeting, or GTM, the universities will be drawn into groups, and the list and schedule of specific players will be available on the competition site.


How and where can I submit a protest? What to do in case of this?

To submit a protest, the participant must fill in a form after the match and hand it in to the Competition Technical Committee (CTC).


The Head of Delegate or authorised representative of the team may protest on behalf of competitors or team. Each protest shall be accompanied by a deposit of two hundred (200) EUR except for the following sports: Basketball, Beach Handball, Handball, Football, Futsal, Volleyball and Water Polo where the deposit is five hundred (500) EUR. If the protest is upheld, the fee will be returned.



The protests shall be submitted:

  •        within twenty (20) minutes after the end of the match, to the TD, for the match issues,
  •         before the start of next competition day, to the TD, if concerns results published by the OC,
  •        during the competition to the CTC for technical issues,
  •         during the competition to the SCAC for non-technical issues,
  •         within 7 (seven) days after the EUC to the EUSA EC.

Where can I see the schedule of the matches?

The EUSA results page ( will be continuously updated, and the match schedules will be posted at the Accreditation Centre and displayed on the scoreboards at the sports venues.


What happens in case of bad weather?

In case of bad weather conditions, the Technical Delegate and the OC will decide on the postponement of matches and the changing of the competition programme, which will be immediately communicated to the teams.


How the teams will be informed if the competition programme changes?

Team leaders will be notified by the attachés delegated to the teams in all cases of changes to the competition programme. It is also recommended to check continually the EUSA results page.


How much earlier can I go to the sport venue before a game?

It is possible to follow the events from the grandstand at the competition venues, so that arrival can be arranged according to the individual needs. It is advisable to arrive 60 minutes before the game.


Will be there any chance to warm up? If yes, will  be  there a separated area or will it be on the same track?

For water polo, there will be an appointed area for on-land warm-ups, and before the matches, all teams will have the opportunity to warm-up in the competition pool for a total of 30 minutes.


Will be there any changing rooms / toilets / showers in the venues?

Yes, all competition and training venues have male and female changing rooms with showers and toilets.


Will there be balls during the trainings? What do I need to take with me?

The accreditation cards must be worn at the training venues, because it is possible to enter the pitches and changing rooms only with this cards. Changing shoes and appropriate equipments must be brought to the training venues.

All equipment, including balls, is available on site during water polo training sessions.


Can I train whenever I want? How can I sign up for a training session?

The training venue can only be visited at pre-arranged times, which can be booked and cancelled at the Accreditation Centre.


Is it possible, to train on the competition days?

Training is available throughout the entire competition programme.


How can I skip a booked training session?

The training venue can only be visited at pre-arranged times, booked times can be cancelled at the accreditation centre.


What should I do, if I lose my locker keys?

You must report it at the information point on site, after which the organisers will deal with the problem. The replacement of the keys may involve reimbursement, in accordance with the regulations.


What should I do if something is missing from my changing room?

We are not responsible for valuables left in the changing rooms. Please report them to the information point at the venue, after which the organisers will make every effort to recover them.


What can be placed on the uniform?

EUSA rules concerning players’ swimsuits and caps are based on FINA Rules for sports material, team equipment & advertising guidelines in the latest version. All letters and numbers (university code, player’s numbers) on the player caps and warming up suits must be in Latin characters and must be in contrasting colours to the part of the uniform and/or warming up suit where they are placed. During the entire duration of the EUC competition each player must wear the same number.

Competitors shall wear equipment and uniforms in accordance with ISF/ESF rules. Competitor, who violates these rules, can be refused to play or expelled from the match. The team of a competitor whose official match uniform contains political, religious or personal slogans or statements will be sanctioned in accordance with EUSA Disciplinary Protocol. CEU 2 The jersey of the competitor shall contain the name of the university and optionally the name of the competitor; no other name can be used. Names on jersey shall be written in Latin letters. The country flag may be used on uniform only in case the name of university appears too. Sponsors logotype may appear on equipment and uniforms of the competitor in accordance with the ISF rules. CEU 3 Where the use of competitor playing number is required, the competitor shall use the same number during the whole competition.


Who can enter the pool area?

Access to the pool area is possible with a valid accreditation that gives access to the area.


What should I do if I do not have my accreditation card with me?

Without the accreditation card, we will not be able to allow participants into the building and the competition areas. Accordingly, please take extra care to wear your accreditation card.