When can I arrive to the event?

All participants have the opportunity to arrive on 12 or 13 July.


Will the organised transfer from Budapest Airport start immediately after the arrival of the participants to Miskolc?

It depends on times of arrival that are presented in travel plans and the number of participants arriving at the same time.

According to regulations, the participants should be prepared to wait up to 90 minutes (as per EUSA minimum organizational requirements).


Will be there dedicated cars for NUSA representatives during the event?

The OC does not provide cars for NUSA representatives.  If necessary, the OC can provide help with car-renting. In all other cases NUSA representatives can use the local transport provided for competitors with their accreditation card.


What should I do if my flight is delayed?

Contact the OC by email ( and inform them of your expected arrival time.


Do I need to buy tickets for public transport in Miskolc during the EUC?

Each person with EUC Accreditation Card can travel by city public transport for free (2 tram lines and 45 bus lines are available). More information about the bus and tram schedules:


What should I do if I arrive on a different path than the recommended one?

In all cases, please inform the OC of your travel plans. Official transport will only be provided from the points indicated.


Will be there transfers from other airports, e.g. Kosice?

Transport from/to other arrival/departure points that are not listed above will not be organized and covered by EUC organization.


Will be there a bus transport for the matches and training sessions?

Transport will be organized to all places where competitions and trainings will take place at least 500 meters from the athletes’ village. All vehicles used for transport are air-conditioned, and can be different in size and capacity depending on the type of vehicle and the target group.


What happens if someone arrives at Budapest Airport during the event not on the day of the required date of arrival?

In case of later arrivals by the participating teams, the OC is not obliged to provide transport services. If required, we can provide help to arrange a transfer at your own costs.


Do all participants have to arrive on the same day?

OC provides all services according to the schedule. All participants should arrive at the day of arrival stated in the schedule and depart at the departure day. OC provides transport only on those days. The accreditation procedure will be settled by the appointed Head of Delegation (HOD) of the participating universities. In case of later arrivals by the participating teams, the OC is not obliged to provide transport services.