What special meal options will be available?

All food-intolerancy must be specified when submitting individual entries, and according to those, food will be made to require the special dietary requirements. Allergens for each meal will be indicated. The provided meals in addition to the normal menu will be vegetarian, gluten and lactose free meals.


How can I indicate if i need a special meal?

It is mainly required during pre-registration, but it is also recomended to check and indicate during accreditation. If you want to be sure, you can also indicate it to volunteers or catering service provide at the meal site.


What portion of the food we get?

Typically one and a half times of the normal portion.


Can I return to the catering zone after finishing a meal, if I have left something there?

It is not possible, but you can ask a volunteer to help find or pick up things.


Can I stay in the catering zone after I finished my meal and wait for my friends?

No, the catering zone is intended only for dining.


Will be there water in the sport venues for athletes?

Water vending machines are provided at all venues, so we recommend to bring your own water-bottle with you. Where vending machines are not available, bottled water will be provided.


What if we cannot eat in opening period, because we have match in that time?

It is advisable to report this as soon as possible to one of the information points at either venue. In this case, the team's meals will be put together and further information will be provided on how to collect them.


What should I do, if I do not have my accredition card with me?

Without the accreditation card, we will not be able to let in and serve participants in the venues. Accordingly, please take extra attention to your accreditation card. The chip on the  card will track meal entitlement and the number of meals served, therefore we will not be able to serve a participant more than once.