What happens during accreditation?

During the accreditation process, the data and documents uploaded to the EUSA registration platform will be verified at the spot and additional forms, requested by the OC will be handed over and signed. If the data reconciliation is successful and the financial status is in order, the team leader will receive the accreditation cards and welcome packs on behalf of the whole team. In addition, the team leader will be given information about accommodation, meals, local transport, venues, organisation and can ask any questions.


What should I prepare before accreditation?

  •       identity card/passport (if the document is also uploaded to the EUSA registration platform, please indicate previously, if the validity of the uploaded document has expired or has been renewed)
  •       accommodation policy signed by all participants
  •       declaration of responsibility signed by all participants
  •       student status certificate signed by the university, in case of graduated students, degree certificate or copy of degree
  •       team list - with colours, jersey numbers (only for team sports)
  •       transaction verification (if you have made a transfer in the days before your arrival and it has not yet been credited in the system, please bring a transaction confirmation with you)

What if someone arrives later and separately, therefore can not accredit with the team?

Team members arrive together on the specified arrival dates and the team leader accredits the whole team at the accreditation centre. Should a team member arrive separately, please indicate it in advance by e-mail to ... adresses.


Does everyone have to register in the same place?

Athletes, officials, volunteers, press and media representatives, contributors and VIPs will be accredited at the Accreditation Centre, located on the ground floor of the E/1 dormitory. EUSA colleagues and referees will be accredited in their accommodation.


What happens if I arrive outside the opening hours?

The deadline for submitting the Travel Plan is 13 June 2023. Please be sure not to miss the deadline! If you do not know the exact arrival time at the time of submitting your Travel Plan, please let the organisers know as soon as you have this information at or If the team arrives after opening hours, they will be given provisional accreditation for the night to occupy their accommodation, and in the morning the team leader will accredit the whole team during the opening hours of the accreditation centre.


Can I check in at my accommodation if I have not completed the accreditation?

Only if you have indicated in advance, that you will arrive after the opening hours of the accreditation centre. You will be temporarily accredited overnight, and the next day the team leader will accredit the whole team during the opening hours of the accreditation centre.


What happens if someone is not on the accreditation list but has been registered?

The team leader should collect all the ID/passport of the team members and the proof of student status printed from the EUSA system and certified by the institution, which can prove that the team member is registered in the system. Due to a technical error, it could not appear in our system.


Can I register new Athletes or Officials at the accreditation centre?

There is no possibility of extending athlete accreditation on the spot.



Can I give my accreditation card to someone else?

The accreditation card is non-transferable, as each card contains personal data and personalized rights.


Will the deadline for individual registration be extended? What happens if someone cannot give the final names by 13 June?

Deadline for individual entries is 13 June 2023. Please meet the deadline! If there are any changes after this, indicate by e-mail to ....


What should I do if I lose my accreditation card?

In case of loss of the accreditation card, the participant must report it in person at the accreditation centre by presenting a valid identity card or passport. A new accreditation card will be made at the accreditation centre, for a fee of €50.


Who is responsible for the insurance during the event?

The delegations shall have the appropriate insurance to cover their travel and participation for the EUC. The delegation shall be responsible to provide international health insurance for all its members. Each participant requires international health insurance for the duration of the stay in the EUC and must arrange this prior to their arrival at the EUC event. Neither EUSA nor OC will be responsible for any costs arising from the failure to follow this regulation.