Are there any info points at the accommodations?

There will be information desks in all accommodation near the receptions. At these desks you can get more information about the competition programme, transfers, locations, ask questions and report problems. Opening hours are expected to be 6.30 - 22.00 every day.


What do I need to take with me? What is provided at the accommodation?

For Athletes and Officials, all rooms are equipped with a mini-kitchen, bathroom, towels, bed sheets, toilet paper and soap are provided in all accommodation.


When can I expect the towels in my room to be changed and the trash to be taken out?

The bins will be emptied every day, towels and bed sheets will be changed every second or third day, during the day, only when the participant is not in their room. If you do not need  this service, please inform the reception desk as soon as possible.


How will athletes be allocated between the different dormitories?

Athletes from the same delegation and their Officials will be placed in the same accommodation.


Will be there longer beds, or some kind of elongation for the taller athletes?

For participants who taller than 195 centimetres, we provide single rooms, where two beds will be placed together, to ensure the right bed length and comfort.


How and where can I check in and get my accommodation?

For athletes and their Officials, it is necessary to check all the datas and requirements correspond to those that previously provided during the accreditation procedure. Afterwards, participants will be informed about the exact location of the accommodation, the schedule and further instructions. Additional participants will be accredited at the accommodations, about this procedure which they will be informed in advance.


How can I check out and leave my accommodation?

Before leaving the rooms, team leaders must indicate their intention at the info point of the building, as a room check will be carried out before leaving.


Will there be a laundry service? How can I use it?

Laundry services are available in all accommodation. For athletes, this is available at cost. Laundry drop-off and pick-up points of cleaned clothes, as well as the payment, can be arranged at the accreditation centre. Athlete’s accommodation venues have their own laundry room, which can be used for no charge, and for the athletes' own responsibility. For other participants, it is possible to drop-off laundry and pick-up cleaned clothes at the information points in their accommodation.


Will be there any meeting room at the accommodation?

Each accommodation site has several meeting rooms available with different capacity. These must be booked one day before at the information desks of the accommodation.


Who can request single rooms?

It is not possible to request single rooms, men and women who arriving in the same delegation will be allocated separately, as well as participants who, due to their height, require separate accommodation.


What should I do if something is broken or not working in my room?

If something is not working in the room, or you find the room in an inadequate condition, it must be reported at the reception immediately, so the problem can be fixed as soon as possible. If damage occurs in the room due to own fault, it must be reported at the reception and at the information point, and after recording the damage, the participant or his representative must pay the value of the damage.


What should I do if I have lost my room card?

In case of loss, breakage, damage, etc. of the room card, fee have to paid, according to the hotel's policy.


Can I park next to the accommodation?

Yes. All accommodation has its own parking site. The map provided during the accreditation process will show you how to park according to the rules of the Highway Code.