Please introduce yourself and tell us what you are studying:

My name is Viktória Baksi and I will be 26 years old in April, I come from Szolnok. I am a four-year solfege student at the University of Miskolc, Faculty of Music. I also teach singing and give piano lessons.


Have you participated in the organization of previous university sports events?

I have volunteered in the organization of sport events many times before: I helped the teams during events in Miskolc. My experience has been wonderful with the organization: we were able to communicate and work together well and the planning always went smoothly and efficiently.


How did you learn about the EUC competitions and the volunteer program?

I owe the whole program to MEAFC (Miskolc University Athletics Club) - they elected me as the Sports Ambassador of the University, so this position brought with me to the volunteer program of EUG 2022 in Lodz and to this summer’s adventures and volunteer program opportunities.


Is this going to be your first time volunteering at an international sports event?

My first time volunteering at a large international sport event was this past summer in Lodz. The volunteer work at  EUG 2023 was challenging - there were some language barriers but we solved it in a creative way. As I have been a volunteer at sport events before, I was a jolly joker volunteer: whoever needed help, I went there. It was great to meet other international volunteers across from Europe, we could practice English together and help each other in our volunteer tasks.


Why did you apply to be a volunteer coordinator?

I applied to be a volunteer coordinator because I would like to show others how joyful it is to help out at sport events and to show the ropes for future volunteers. If they have any problems or questions they can contact me anytime. Also, I would like to challenge myself at a higher level.


What do you look forward to most about volunteering?

I look forward to meeting new people, to solving problems together, and to building (hopefully) strong international relations, friendships over time. 


What would you recommend to those who are thinking about applying?

I would recommend applying to be a volunteer at the EUC events if one would like to be part of an unforgettable event and to gain everlasting experiences. There will be many things awaiting us: nail-biter games, big challenges to learn from, good teamwork and great parties.


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