University of Debrecen Secures Third Place in Thrilling Water Polo Men's Finals


At the Outdoor Bath of Ellipsum's Swimming Pool, the University of Debrecen  delivered an exhilarating performance in the European Universities Water Polo Championship's Bronze Medal Game, clinching third place in a gripping water polo showdown. With a 7-6 victory over their opponents, the team displayed outstanding skills, teamwork, and determination. The match's intensity and close scores kept spectators on the edge of their seats, celebrating the University of Debrecen's hard-fought triumph. This memorable water polo spectacle showcased the sport's passion, leaving fans in awe of the players' immense talent and dedication.




Unstoppable Champions: Budapest Business School Dominates in the 2023 European Universities Water Polo Championship's Men's Finals


In an exciting all-Hungarian showdown at the European Universities Water Polo Championship's Men's Finals, Budapest Business School and University of Pecs engaged in a captivating match at the Outdoor Bath of Ellipsum's Swimming Pool. With a score of 14-9, Budapest Business School emerged victorious, displaying their impressive offensive skills throughout the game. The match showcased the competitive spirit of both teams, with Budapest Business School taking the lead early on, but University of Pecs mounting a spirited comeback in the later periods. In the end, Budapest Business School's determination and teamwork secured their well-deserved win, leaving both players and fans in high spirits at the conclusion of the thrilling event.




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