The EUSA delegation held meetings in Miskolc

The EUSA delegation held meetings in Miskolc - the visiting committee is satisfied with the preparations for the 2024 European University Games.


A high-ranking professional delegation of the European University Sports Association (EUSA) recently visited Miskolc. During their visit, they learned about the details of the local sports program for the 2024 Debrecen-Miskolc joint European University Games (EUG) and visited several facilities. The members of the delegation spoke highly of the preparations in Miskolc, which meet all of the EUSA requirements.


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The primary purpose of the stopover was to visit the sports event facilities, including competition and training venues, to determine if they meet the EUSA's sport-specific expectations. This includes assessing the layout of the courts and addressing additional needs related to the facility, such as sports equipment, referee staff, and game rules. Additionally, the delegation also investigated areas related to accommodation, transport, meals, and event accreditation.


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The EUG Miskolc project team warmly welcomed the guests at the University Sports Hall (Körcsarnok). Ivana Ertlova (EUSA Vice-president), Sara Rozman (Head of Education and Development), Abosede Ajayi (President of the Medical Committee), Salvatore Sisca (Media Coordinator), and Aleksandra Andreeva (Sports Manager) represented the EUSA Office during the visit to Miskolc.


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The participants of the tour were divided into three groups. The first team consisted of Ákos Barócsi (Head of the MEAFC Volleyball Department), Pablo Martinez (EUSA Technical Delegate for Volleyball and Sitting Volleyball), Attila Merth (Head of Volleyball and Sitting Volleyball of the local association), László Varga (Deputy Head of the MEAFC Volleyball Department and Head of Beach Volleyball), Peter George (Technical Delegate of EUSA Basketball), and Mirella Gyenes (Head of EUG Competition Office and Accreditation in Miskolc, Executive Director of MEAFC). This group visited the 2024 EUG basketball and volleyball competition and training venues, including the Népkert Ice Rink, the Generali Arena, the gymnasiums of the Jesuit High School, and the DVTK Arena.


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The second group included Réka Molnár (International Project Manager of EUG 2024), Romeo Desa (EUSA Technical Delegate of Kick-Box), Jenő Rohonczi (Representative of the Hungarian Kick-Boxing Federation), Péter Boda (Member of the EUG Miskolc Organizing Committee), István Havasi (Project Manager of EUG in Miskolc), and Michal Sikorski (Technical Delegate of EUSA Tennis). In addition to professional discussions, this group reviewed the plans for the university tennis center under construction and other service facilities, such as the clubhouse (competition office and judges' locker room) and the Athletic Center (athletes' locker rooms).


From the local organizer's side, the third group was represented by Éva Antal (Project Manager and Volunteer Leader), Mirjam Sipos (Sports Representative and Communication Manager), Attila Csordás (Sports Representative and Result Management Manager). From EUSA and local representatives of each sport federation included: Wieslaw Blach (EUSA Technical Delegate of Judo), Luka Požgaj (EUSA Technical Delegate of Karate), Márton Falusi (Representative of the Hungarian Karate Federation), Noor Mohammad Shirali (Technical Delegate of EUSA Taekwondo), and Miklós Patakfalvy (Representative of the Hungarian Taekwondo Federation). This group visited the University Sports Hall, which serves as the competition venue for combat sports, as well as the Gallery, where the warm-up room.


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Based on the feedback given after the site visits and consultations, the facilities and the prepared plans were carefully considered, they won the favor of the EUSA representatives, as well as the good conditions of the arrangement. EUSA's technical delegates prepared a positive report on the facilities they visited. Their professional comments were all constructive, which were happily received by the people of Miskolc, and they will continue with their professional sports preparations.



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