Volunteer at the 2023 European Universities Water Polo Championship

Become a Volunteer at the European Universities Championship in Water Polo in Miskolc, 13-19 July 2023!


University of Miskolc and Miskolc University Athletics and Football Club (MEAFC) will be two of the hosts of the next European Universities Championships in badminton. The campus will be teaming with athletes and other visitors from all over Europe.


We are looking for team players who are passionate and always want to exceed expectations! We are looking for someone who is polite, service-minded and reliable. The volunteer application is open until 31 May, apply HERE.


Join us at our next VOLUNTEER INFO SESSION on 25 April, you can find more details about the event here


If you would like to try something new, gain experience in an international environment, develop new skills, improve your career prospects, meet new people and build confidence, then come to the information session and hear more about the event and how you can be an essential part of it! There will be an information session at the end of April with more details, stay tuned for more information and the exact date.


lodz volunteers


List of available areas:

  • Accommodation and catering

  • Accreditation

  • Attache 

  • Media 

  • Medical

  • Protocol and side events 

  • Transport

  • Sport and venue management 


Have you decided to volunteer already? Sign up on this LINK by 31 May!


Check out the list of things that you receive as a volunteer:

  • welcome package with T-shirts and goodies

  • meals during your shift

  • tickets to attend Brain Bar festival (if you are a student)

  • gaining experience and developing personal competencies (teamwork, communication, conflict management, problem solving, etc.)

  • insight into the organization of an international sports event

  • practicing a foreign language in a young, friendly environment

  • free public transport in the city with your accreditation card

  • volunteer certificate

  • (provision of accommodation for non-Miskolc residents (in limited numbers) during the event)

  • airport transfer from Budapest-Miskolc-Budapest, in case you are in international volunteer



Still have some questions? Head over to our VOLUNTEER page to see more details of the recruiting process and all the available areas. Still have some questions? Send an email to Ms. Eva Antal Volunteer Manager: antaleva@meafc.hu