Voluntary Call


„Be the change you want to see in the world” – Mahatma Gandhi


If you spend some of your free time doing something worthwhile, it makes you more of you. It initiates a change in you that develops your positive qualities, virtues and self-awareness. In return, you get the feeling of belonging to the community, new opportunities open up, new relationships are built, and friendships are formed.


Volunteering makes your life fuller and happier - and it also looks good on your CV :-)


EUSA organizes European Universities Championships (EUC) in odd-numbered years at different venues for each sport discipline. In 2023, EUC will be held in 20 sports across Europe, of which Miskolc will host the badminton and water polo events between July 13 and 19, 2023. We expect the participation of about 500 athletes and officials from 40 universities from 20 countries, while 150 volunteers will participate enthusiastically in the organization.


We can say with full conviction that volunteers are the key participants at a munitsport event. In addition to carrying out responsible tasks in each organizational area, their mediating role is decisive, as they are the faces of the event, providing cheerfulness and hospitality to our participating guests.


That is why we regard our volunteers as special participants of the event and as valuable team members! In addition to the fact that your contribution will be recognized on several ways, by volunteering you are choosing an opportunity with which you can do a lot for yourself. You can see into the organizational tasks of a sports event, try yourself in new areas, be part of a committed and cohesive community, and gain many experiences and new friends.


Join us! Our team will be complete with you!


You can apply by filling out the application form, please CLICK HERE.


Volunteer activities and teams:

- Sport and venue management team (badminton)

- Sport and venue management team (water polo)

- Accommodation and catering team

- Transport team

- Accreditation team

- Attache team

- Protocol and side events team

- Media team

- Medical team

- Security team



- gaining experience and developing personal competencies (teamwork, communication, conflict management, problem solving, foreign language communication, etc.)

- insight into the organization of an international sports event

- practicing a foreign language in a young, friendly environment

- once in a lifetime adventure and community experience

- teamwork and active involvment

- welcome package

- training program

- three meals a day during the event

- provision of accommodation for non-Miskolc residents (in limited numbers) during the event

- with an accreditation card, you can use public transport and EUC lines

- free of charge participation at sport and side events

- volunteer certification



- Hungarian volunteers must be 16 or older when volunteering begins. Foreign volunteers must be at least 18.

- Responsible and enthusiastic attitude

- Open and friendly behavior

- It is an advantage if you can participate during the wholeevent, from July 10 to July 20, 2023.

- Knowledge of English or another foreign language is an advantage


Important notice!

- Applicants under the age of 18 must have their parents' consent to participate.

- We reserve the right to select volunteers from among the registered candidates, and we do not guarantee that the volunteers will be selected for the positions they indicate.

- Candidates do not need to have any previous experience.


Selection process and training:

1. Complete and submit the online application form till 31st May, 2023 (maximum 5 minutes)

2. Online orientation discussion (maximum 15 minutes)

3. Participation in our training program in June


You can apply by filling out the application form, please CLICK HERE.


Data protection information:

We use the collected personal data exclusively for the purpose of organizing the event. The data is collected and managed by the Miskolc University Athletics and Football Club (MEAFC), the data is not disclosed to third parties. We welcome all questions and complaints related to the management of personal data, as well as requests to delete, update and correct personal data, to the e-mail address antaleva@meafc.hu.


For further information feel free to contact us!

Contact person: Ms. Eva Antal volunteer manager: antaleva@meafc.hu